Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kona Pier Swim

We turned up for a morning swim at 6:30 am and it seems every pro was out for a splash in the ocean. 

Cam Brown , Lieto, Crowie, Luke Mckenzie, Joe Gambles, Rasmus, Leanda Cave, Kate Bevilaqua, Jo Lawn ... the list goes on. The pack was about 20 with about 18 of them professionals that will be in the hunt  for a top finish. 

For a group of people that are racing each other in a weeks time. They are all friends and some often train together. Being it's still a week from race day , there wasn't alot of tension. Just a group of friends going out for an early morning swim. I'm sure that will change late this week. 

we had a good swim . with the boys and girls stopping to check out the fish...Also  to see if we could touch the sand with-out blowing an ear drum.. equalising is important!!!

 Luke excited, because he had 4 espresso shots in 30 sec's.
 Kate Checking out the fish she's likely to see.
 Fraser Cartmell post swim
 The Swim Start
Being a swim company we usually don't go too far from the water, Or we dry out.
However on the odd occasion we get out for a ride .
On this particular ride i didnt see the wind once, i just dangled in the slip stream of some of the worlds best triathletes. Front = Belinda Granger and Linsey Corbin. Back = Kate Bevilaqua and Hillary Biscay.
Taking the photo = Guy "holding on for dear life " Crawford
Side shot , Same ladies getting aero.
View from " Huggo's on the rocks" just as the sun sets..... thats Kona to me.