Thursday, February 12, 2009

Timo Bracht looking good

The German site Magic Sport has a very nice 360 view feature and recently invited Timo Bracht to try out/show off new CEP items and while he was there they also wanted a nice 360 view of the blueseventy Helix wetsuit. Timo is looking fit and ready for 2009.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

blueseventy hydra-vision goggles; pre-release review

Hi Guy,

Thanks for the opportunity to test the new hydra-vision goggles you kindly supplied with my recent goggles order. I’ve raced with them for two of our Thursday night weekly races here in Nelson. I do all the ocean sea swims around the country and would like to thank blueseventy for their sponsorship in making these swims possible.
First impressions where what a cool looking pair of goggles and I wasn’t the only one impressed as evidence by the small group of swimmers gathering around me at the local Thursday night sea swim to check out the fancy sunglasses I was strapping to my eyes.
I always feel that a pair of goggles without an adjustable nose bridge is a risky investment but having used the Blueseventy element goggles before I was confident that this wasn’t going to be a problem. In fact this is why I buy Blueseventy goggles as I can reliably pull a new set out of their case and without hardly adjusting the strap confidently race with them without having to worry about leakage problems. The same can be said for the hydra-vision, and because of the bigger eyepiece they seem to have an even better fitting for me and resulting In more eye suck producing the most comfortable pair of goggles I’ve worn.

I don’t usually go for the larger or bulkier sized goggle as I feel they just add to water resistance but the hydra-vision seems to have a low profile so it’s increased bulk just aids in visibility. On the Nelson sea swim nights, there is always at least one marker buoy that’s in a direct line with the sun making it very difficult to be seen but the Blueseventy hydra-vision has exceptional glare resistance and I have a wee chuckle to myself as I can swim directly to these buoys whilst the other swimmers are floundering around trying to see which way to go in the glaring sun. with the larger lens I thought that they might get fogged up more easily but this was never an issue.

The only apprehension I had about using these goggles was that the adjusting strap didn’t look to be as secure and firm fitting as the element goggle but after a few swims became familiar with the easy adjusting mechanism and have now found them to be perfectly reliable. However I still wasn’t confident enough to use them in the Wellington harbor swim as conditions were rough
and as yet I haven’t tired the goggles in rough seas so used the old reliable element goggles which I’d only just received from you and had only one previous swim with them. They certainly gave me no problems but with the limited visibility from the rough conditions can’t help wondering how much better the hydra-vision would have been? The Nelson sea swims have a 3.8km swim coming up on the 6th Feb so I’ll certainly be using the hydra-visions for this simply for their comfort value on the longer swim.

In conclusion I would not recommend the Blueseventy Hydra-vision to my fellow competitor as I want to be the only swimmer in the race with a competitive advantage.

Denis Cooper, Nelson, New Zealand

New VW pickup spy shots

Check out these new images of the new VW pickup truck. That is a very cool looking vehicle with lots of outdoorsy features including neoprene seats. We also approve that they used blueseventy pointzero 3 swimskins for the photo shoot.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Stunning videography

Martin Sundberg is working on an interesting video project with Chris and Matt Lieto. On his blog Martin has a few stunningly beautiful teasers from the project. How can you not want to go swim, bike and run when you watch these clips?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

blueseventy; made for the cold!

Barry Davis sent us this picture of himself finishing his daily swim on the east side of Quadra Island, BC, Canada, wearing his trusty blueseventy wetsuit. The temperature at this time of the year is a chilly 5.5 C!

Monday, February 2, 2009

blueseventy Named As Sponsor of UK Open Water Training Facility

blueseventy has announced its sponsorship of the blueseventy Open Water Swim Centre in Reading, Berkshire. The facility, the venue for the swim in the first ever triathlon to be held in Britain in 1983, is popular with swimmers from the South Coast to Oxfordshire, offering a true club atmosphere for everyone - from those just starting out to some of the most experienced triathletes in the UK.

Open from March to October, the blueseventy Open Water Swim Centre, will be the first to open its doors this year on the 21st March 2009 and it is expecting a busy year as the interest in both open water and triathlon continue to grow in the UK.

“It’s great to officially welcome blueseventy as our sponsor and officially name our facility after the brand. It’s obviously a natural synergy as many of our customers choose blueseventy product and it’s great to secure the investment in what we hope will be a year of considerable growth in open water and triathlon. Everyone is welcome here so if you’re thinking of taking the plunge or just want to find out more about it, come and see us and we’ll give you a tour!”

Set in beautiful surroundings but conveniently located just off the M4, the Centre which prides itself on its friendly atmosphere, offers expert guidance and advice, personal training sessions, swimming equipment to hire, full changing and shower facilities and refreshments. The 2009 calendar will include special women only sessions and a focus on junior swimmers. For those planning on competing in events this year – whether for the first time or as seasoned athletes – the lake has a well marked out 800+ metre swim loop and a straight up and down course.

Commenting on the sponsorship, Dean Jackson, Global Sales and Marketing Manager at blueseventy, said: “We’re really pleased to come on board as an official sponsor. Facilities as good as this make a real difference to the thousands of people who like to swim outdoors in the UK, whether they’re training for events or simply keen to enjoy the great outdoors. It’s the perfect match for blueseventy as we now have a venue for our on-going research and development where we can test and trial product and get valuable customer feedback, as well as a facility for media briefings and launches.”

About blueseventy Open Water Swim Centre
o The Centre officially opens on the 21st March 2009
o Sessions are held every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday morning (7am to 9.30/10am) and on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (5.30pm to dusk)
o Single tickets (£5), in addition to multi swim and season tickets (10 for £40, unlimited for £300), are available, in addition to special women only and junior sessions
o For further information and the current water temperature, visit