Sunday, October 31, 2010

got wetsuit withdrawals?

You don't have to swim to get some rubba-loving.

We know that when you can't be out swimming in the open water that you miss the feel of a wetsuit against your skin, and the protection from the elements it provides you... We know how much you love your blueseventy wetsuit, but lets face it, you can’t really rock out for coffee in it now can you?

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Xena takes win at Noosa

Team TBB's Caroline Steffan (aka Xena) takes yet another win on her path to complete global domination.

In a bit of a change from her normal long distance racing, Xena raced in the standard course, draft legal Noose Triathlon, which attracts huge entries including the sports top ITU racers.

Caroline biked her way to the front of the field and held on to take the win over young Aussie Ashleigh Gentle and fellow blueseventy athlete Nicky Samuels (who led out of the swim), and only 3 weeks after her 2nd place finish at IM Hawaii.

We suspect that her nickname of Xena depicts a warrior-like plan of complete global domination. So far in 2010 she has clocked wins in IM 70.3's Geelong, Singapore and Switzerland, won the ITU World Long Distance Championships in Germany, and placed 2nd at IM Hawaii, IM South Africa, IM Frankfurt and the Noumea Triathlon. Man her airmiles points must be getting her some sweet upgrades!

All Leanda, all of the way!

Our lovely Leanda Cave scored her 2nd 70.3 victory over the weekend at IM 70.3 Miami.

Leanda had her best swim at the event in her new PZ3TX, and led out from the water closely followed by fellow blueseventy athlete Nina Kraft, and Kelly Williamson. The trio had nearly 3mins on the remainder of the field when they hit the bike course.

Not happy with just smashing the swim, Leanda also set her new race-best time on the bike, and also punched out a solid half marathon to take record the fastest bike and run splits.

Fantastic work Leanda – and just 3 weeks after a top 10 placing in Kona!

For the full race report check out

Thursday, October 28, 2010

PZ3TX blackmarket exposed!

Okay so “exposed” may be a little too strong, but we have discovered that our new PZ3TX is not just fast in the water, but a little too fast out of transition too. And not in a Rasmus Henning “just so comfy I forgot to take it off for the bike” way either.

The PZ3TX has obviously developed a market in the seedy underworld of Ironman.

We’ve now become aware of at least half a dozen swim skins that “disappeared” from the transition at Kona. The thieves targeted all and sundry; pro’s and age groupers alike. Even third place getter Marino Vanhoenacker was not immune to the epidemic (they really should have got him to sign it before they pinched it – that would have certainly boosted it’s street value).

Our R&D department is currently working on GPS tracking systems and we have entered discussions with the US Treasury about some kind of label minting system in order to reduce the chances of a potential counterfeiting ring developing.

Marketing Manager Dean Jackson commented “due to the new swimskin rules being so late to be approved, we only had the PZ3TX on the market just one week before IM Hawaii. But people should be aware that we will have more suits on the market shortly, and there is no need to resort to theft to secure one”.

Rhodsey models the PZ3TX at our store in Kona. Then he ran like he stole it. He did't.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We're following the swallow...

Being that it’s nearly the end of the week, it’s a great time to surf the net and read some blogs. Well our ‘recommended reading’ this week is the latest update from British triathlete and blueseventy fish Jodie Swallow.

Jodie has had a fantastic year to date, scoring numerous wins across a range of distances. She’s clocked up wins just recently at the Tongyeong World Cup in Korea, the Geneva ITU European Cup and Alpe De Huez. She’s also been runner up at IM 70.3 Singapore, the ETU Long Distance champs, and the Tizzy World Cup, plus scoring a tough top 10 finish at the London Dextro WCS race. Anyone would be happy with that resume of results!

But I digress… Jodie’s latest blog covers a trip to Essex, tales out of school, a lost passport and her wins at Tongyeong and at the last French Grand Prix of the year. So grab your cup of coffee and enjoy a read. Work’s overrated anyway…

Photo credit: Jero Honda /

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rowdy Gaines and Team Blu Frog Set Masters World Record

Rowdy Gaines led teammates Keith Switzer, Marc Middleton, and Scot Weiss in a World Record performance at the Rowdy Gaines Masters Classic in Orlando, Florida earlier this month.

The relay team went into the event with laser focus - set on smashing the current 200 SCM (short course meter) freestyle relay World Record of 1:40.17. The team was led off by Rowdy himself splitting a blazing 23.95, followed by Switzer at 24.85, Middleton at 24.96, and Weiss bringing it home in 25.03. Together they clocked 1:38.79, decisively taking down the old record - in blueseventy of course!

The boys gave a master class on setting World Records in blueseventy

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Greg Louganis is swimming faster

Last month famed Olympic gold medalist diver Greg Louganis took the plunge in the pacific for the first annual Swim for Equality, a 1.7 mile swim held in Malibu on September 25th. Greg Louganis and his swim partner, Greg Armstrong, along with more then 50 swimmers helped raise almost $130,000 in funds for awareness of LGBT equality in California.

special deal for the State NZ Ocean Swim Series!

Given that's it raining sideways here in NZ half the time, it's a little hard to get all excited about the coming summer, but our friends at the State NZ Ocean Swim Series have just made it that little bit easier... Check this out!

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The next two events are coming up really soon -Harbour Crossing, Auckland City, 21 November 2010 and the Russell to Paihia, Bay of Islands, 11 December 2010. Take the plunge and enter the State New Zealand Ocean Swim Series. Visit for more details and as blueseventy follower you can get $5 off your entry fee when you enter online using this special code: blueseventyfan10

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lucy Gossage post Kona

You all remember our friend Lucy Gossage we posted about on Sept. 7th with her update on Ironman World Championships prep. Well she checks back in post race. Here's the scoop:

Race day came and I have never felt more ready for a race than I was for this one. I felt prepared to give it everything, and was up for the challenge of seeing what I could do against the best athletes in the world. All the British names I recognised from ironman racing were there which was cool though a bit scary - it's rare to actually have to race each other in ironman!

The swim was as expected - fist fight for 20 mins and then I managed to find some free water. Lou and I didn't start next to each other but somehow ended up swimming the last 15 mins or so on our own, side by side, exiting the water together! It made me chuckle thinking our coaches would be having a field day seeing how close together we were after the swim! The blue seventy PZ3TX swim skin was clearly fast as I exited the swim far higher up in the field than I had expected. (YES! nice plug Lucy. Thank you!)

The bike was awesome. Yes it was hot and yes it was windy but in a way I was pleased as I wanted the 'real' Kona experience. I was adding nuun tablets to water from the aid stations which helped me stay hydrated despite the tough conditions.

After my race at the Vitruvian I decided not to use any gimmicks so raced without a heart rate monitor or speed and just according to feel. I suspect because of this I biked harder than I have done before in an ironman (and paid for it on the run!) but there's no point going to Hawaii and not giving everything so I don't think that was a mistake. However, it did make the run hard - really hard..... I felt rubbish from the start and there were times when I was tantalisingly close to walking - I had dropped/lost my salt tablets and the special needs station with the spare ones was at 18 miles which seemed a very long way away. Furthermore, I was having to stop several times behind bushes (or imaginary bushes!). I did have visions of not making it, and there were so many times when I wanted to quit but knowing I was up there in my age group was enough to let me summon every ounce of physical and mental strength I could find to keep running. I hadn’t done all that training over the last 9 months to give up in the last hour….. I think the last 4 miles were the hardest as you can't let up, even right to the end - seconds count in Hawaii. The phrase 'Race to the line' is never more pertinent than there. Running down the finish chute knowing I’d given everything I had was incredible and I hope will be a memory I’ll treasure for a long long time.

Needless to say I’m mighty chuffed. I've conquered Hawaii, conquered my psychological battles in Germany and finished smiling. In fact I'm still smiling. And probably will be for a while! I feel very privileged to have Lou Collins as a training partner and am so pleased she salvaged a problematic bike with an absolutely superb run to claim the 25-29 world champion’s title. For two amateurs from Nottingham, I think we did our home club (TFN) proud!

Lou Collins & Lucy Gossage showing off some hardware

Lucy Gossage finished the 2010 Ironman World Championships in just over ten hours to claim fourth place in the 30-34 age group. Lou Collins closed with a 3:11 marathon to take the top podium spot in the 25-29 age group. Congratulations to Lucy & Lou!

Are you a top age group athlete? Did you know blueseventy is currently accepting 2011 sponsorship applications thru mid-Dec? Well now you do. Do something about it.

Friday, October 8, 2010

NZ surf lifesavers collect medals at World Champs

Nope, they aren't handing out medals for saving lives on the beach (though they should - big fat gold ones every time) but they do hand them out for being exceptionally fast at the Surf Lifesaving World Championships currently underway in Egypt. The New Zealand team have been competing against the worlds best in the pool, with the beach events to come.

The NZ team have had some great results in the pool including a Gold and NZ record for blueseventy athlete Samantha Lee in the 4x50m obstacle relay, a Silver and NZ record in the 200m obstacles, and a bronze - 100m rescue medley. Samantha also helped the Kiwis score another Gold in the 4x50m obstacle relay.

The aptly named ‘golden girls’ sporting the neroTX are Julia Toomey, Rachel Clarke, Ayla Dunlop-Barrett, and Samantha Lee.

With the completion of two very long days in the pool, New Zealand is currently in 3rd place with 340 pts, behind Italy (420 points) and Germany (378 points). Not to be forgotten are beach specialists and arch rivals Australia currently sitting in 4th on 313 points.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010

Kona Slowtwitch Gathering

If your on the big island this week be sure to slot in your calendar a stop to the 2010 Kona Slowtwitch Gathering at the Muscle Milk house powered by blueseventy. Wow, that's a mouth full. In case you didn't get it....
.... looks so much better in picture form.

This is an annual tradition passed down from the ages held every year in Kona prior to the Ironman World Championships. Triathlon's largest online forum ( with the help of blueseventy and Muscle Milk/CytoMax will present this year's event at the Muscle Milk house located right off Ali'i Drive. It's cool event where age groupers, pros and industry folk all live in peace and harmony (at least for the 3 hrs). We welcome all to stop by on Thursday anytime from 3 to 6 in the afternoon. There will be some light snacks, drinks and some free swag.

Muscle Milk House (2.3m from pier)
76-6168 Alii Dr
Kailua, HI 96740

Thursday, October 7th
3 - 6 PM