Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rowdy Gaines and Team Blu Frog Set Masters World Record

Rowdy Gaines led teammates Keith Switzer, Marc Middleton, and Scot Weiss in a World Record performance at the Rowdy Gaines Masters Classic in Orlando, Florida earlier this month.

The relay team went into the event with laser focus - set on smashing the current 200 SCM (short course meter) freestyle relay World Record of 1:40.17. The team was led off by Rowdy himself splitting a blazing 23.95, followed by Switzer at 24.85, Middleton at 24.96, and Weiss bringing it home in 25.03. Together they clocked 1:38.79, decisively taking down the old record - in blueseventy of course!

The boys gave a master class on setting World Records in blueseventy

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