Friday, October 8, 2010

NZ surf lifesavers collect medals at World Champs

Nope, they aren't handing out medals for saving lives on the beach (though they should - big fat gold ones every time) but they do hand them out for being exceptionally fast at the Surf Lifesaving World Championships currently underway in Egypt. The New Zealand team have been competing against the worlds best in the pool, with the beach events to come.

The NZ team have had some great results in the pool including a Gold and NZ record for blueseventy athlete Samantha Lee in the 4x50m obstacle relay, a Silver and NZ record in the 200m obstacles, and a bronze - 100m rescue medley. Samantha also helped the Kiwis score another Gold in the 4x50m obstacle relay.

The aptly named ‘golden girls’ sporting the neroTX are Julia Toomey, Rachel Clarke, Ayla Dunlop-Barrett, and Samantha Lee.

With the completion of two very long days in the pool, New Zealand is currently in 3rd place with 340 pts, behind Italy (420 points) and Germany (378 points). Not to be forgotten are beach specialists and arch rivals Australia currently sitting in 4th on 313 points.

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