Sunday, October 31, 2010

got wetsuit withdrawals?

You don't have to swim to get some rubba-loving.

We know that when you can't be out swimming in the open water that you miss the feel of a wetsuit against your skin, and the protection from the elements it provides you... We know how much you love your blueseventy wetsuit, but lets face it, you can’t really rock out for coffee in it now can you?

Well we have the perfect solution for you – we’re giving you a fantastic 50% off our Nero Jackets so you can keep warm and toasty on land; without having to wear your wettie down the street. Because to be honest, that just looks kinda strange.

Click on the appropriate store link and enter the promotional code rubbalova at checkout to get 50% off your Nero Jacket.

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NZ Online Store

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