Thursday, October 28, 2010

PZ3TX blackmarket exposed!

Okay so “exposed” may be a little too strong, but we have discovered that our new PZ3TX is not just fast in the water, but a little too fast out of transition too. And not in a Rasmus Henning “just so comfy I forgot to take it off for the bike” way either.

The PZ3TX has obviously developed a market in the seedy underworld of Ironman.

We’ve now become aware of at least half a dozen swim skins that “disappeared” from the transition at Kona. The thieves targeted all and sundry; pro’s and age groupers alike. Even third place getter Marino Vanhoenacker was not immune to the epidemic (they really should have got him to sign it before they pinched it – that would have certainly boosted it’s street value).

Our R&D department is currently working on GPS tracking systems and we have entered discussions with the US Treasury about some kind of label minting system in order to reduce the chances of a potential counterfeiting ring developing.

Marketing Manager Dean Jackson commented “due to the new swimskin rules being so late to be approved, we only had the PZ3TX on the market just one week before IM Hawaii. But people should be aware that we will have more suits on the market shortly, and there is no need to resort to theft to secure one”.

Rhodsey models the PZ3TX at our store in Kona. Then he ran like he stole it. He did't.

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