Sunday, September 13, 2009

Man attacked by otter in wetsuit

Yes this actually happened, but it very quickly became a news story at blueseventy:

blueseventy announces new otter repellent wetsuit research.

After Sanford Schmid was viscously attacked by an otter in the in Canada, blueseventy has announced it will look into otter repellent features as part of it's Canadian suits for next year.

Speaking on behalf of blueseventy North America sales manager John Duquette reinforced the importance of looking out for the owners of blueseventy suits. "We understand that Canadians face a lot of wildlife threats and we're prepared to take every step necessary to protect athletes, without damaging the environment.

Early testing, using electric shock treatments, a strong smelling rub on gel, and pictures on the suits of bears, a natural enemy of otters, had not proved successful at this stage.

We're committed to finding a solution to this problem, blueseventy feels that otters and people should be able to happily coexist, and that their must be a solution out there. eh!."

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Anonymous said...

Interesting, I have never seen an otter in a wetsuit.