Thursday, February 18, 2010

Clayton Shows Talent at Geelong 70.3

As expected, blueseventy's Clayton Fettell established an early lead, emerging from the 1.9km swim in an astonishing 21:54, over two minutes clear of the chase group which included Alexander, Paul Ambrose, Michael Murphy and Jan Rehula. Griffin, Berkel, Peter Schokman and Matty White were a further 10-15 seconds behind.
An accomplished swimmer and water polo player, 23 year old Fettell (NSW) has been working hard to develop his bike/run combination since winning last year’s Gold Coast Half Ironman. Last month he finished 14th overall in the national time trial cycling championships, and it was clear that his tactic going in to the 90.1km bike leg would be to throw out the challenge to “catch me if you can”.
By the end of the first lap, he had already extended his lead by a further minute. Meanwhile, the original chase group had been joined by a secondary group which included notoriously strong cyclists Jason Shortis and Ollie Whistler.
Fettell later said that he was “riding scared”, however he is clearly well motivated by fear, as he had developed a buffer of almost five minutes by the time he entered the bike/run transition. He ran out strongly, however it was clear that the race was by no means over, with a group including Alexander, Griffin, Berkel, White and Schokman in hot pursuit.
By the end of the first lap, Fettell’s lead had been whittled down to just two minutes, and at the 11km mark, he was finally passed by Alexander, and then Griffin. Berkel kept a steady but solid pace to gradually run through the field to claim third position.

it's only a Matter of time before Fettel is staying away on the run and winning races, His lead from the front attitude is a force to reckon with .
Congratulations goes out to Crowie for putting together another terrific performance...
While Griffin put together a solid day to claim second and blueseventy's Tim berkel claimed 3rd place overall. ( Well done)

Position Overall Swim Bike Run
Craig Alexander (NSW) 3:53:15 23:01 2:15:39 1:11:57
Leon Griffin (VIC) 3:54:35 23:13 2:15:29 1:13:21
Tim Berkel (NSW) 3:56:10 23:24 2:15:06 1:14:51
Peter Schokman (NSW) 3:56:25 23:23 2:15:15 1:14:59
Clayton Fettell (NSW) 3:56:39 21:54 2:12:37 1:19:23

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