Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just another day at the UK office...

It might be starting to snow in the UK, but that doesn’t mean we hole up in the office with a nice cuppa and a jaffa cake. Nope, we’re out doing photo shoots and video analysis in all weather (with tea in a thermos).

Here are a few shots that Julie took on some recent shoots with Ross Davenport, and also some video analysis work with the team at Swim Smooth. Julie from our UK office tells all…

Here are a few shots that I took on the photo shoot with Ross - as you can tell I’m not very good with the phone camera – lucky we had a pro doing the proper shots!
The photo shoot was for the awesome new Axium Wiggle suit, and took place at a very beautiful nature reserve in Nottingham.
It was a great afternoon and Ross was very willing despite the weather. It was cold and raining, but never once did he complain about being frozen (and I know he was)! At one stage we asked him to remove the wetsuit to his waist, which he dutifully did, but even just watching I felt very cold and did up my coat!!! I did try to give him warm thoughts (telling him to think he was on a warm sunny beach in the med) but I don’t think it helped…

When you work with people like Ross and Dave (our photographer), no matter what the good old English weather does you always have a great time. And with a great product what more can anyone ask for - we have it all at blueseventy!! Your jealous now aren’t you? No you can’t have my job.

Anyway, next it was a video shoot with the guys at Swim Smooth, who are filming clips for blueseventy, as well as a coaching course. Ross and Mark (TFN TRI Team) played starring roles (no star on the dressing room door - pffft!).
Ross did the first shoot, with the aim being to record an example of a good strong stroke, and of course Ross gave a master class. We had an audience with a few coaches’ present poolside, and all said it was a real privilege to have been able to see Ross swim and chat with him about what makes his stroke so good. And I might also add that he makes our Jammers look very good too!!!!!

Next up was Mark swimming in the Axium wetsuit. The aim was to show how the suit affects body position the water, using some buoyancy exercises.

After the wetsuit session, Mark swam in blueseventy TriDistance shorts to get some video analyses of his swim stroke and provide feedback which he could use to further refine his technique. This video analysis is a fantastic tool for improving technique, and Mark felt he learned a lot from the session. The guys also gave him a CD of the session so that he can continue to use it in his training sessions. Not doubt the knowledge will be put to good use at Clearwater!

You can learn more about Swim Smooth by visiting their website

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