Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kona Starts Again

Its that time again.

Kona rolls around and some of us have the pleasure to head out early and do a little training "work" before the mayhem of race week rolls in.

I dropped by every-ones favourite cafe to see every-ones favourite cafe owner "Jeff" From Lava Java.
I had to take a Picture from that Famous cafe view.

next up it was time to hit the pool with some of the worlds favourite triathletes

                                           Jeff the Legend
 Next up we hit the pool for session with some of the race favourites, From right to Left .
 Linsey Corbin, Belinda Grnager, Craig Alexander, Luke McKenzie
Luke and Belinda trying to free up and legs with a little kick set
Kate , Stroke looking good.
Guy and Kate, They can actually both breathe water.. Hence no bubbles
Luke knocking out a hard pull set.
Cat Morrison Turning up in her awesome blueseventy swimsuit
Kate Bevilaqua keeping her eye on the clock....

Its been a great few days , hanging out with some of the stars of triathlon, chilling at Lava Java , Watching some amazing sunsets. Looking forward to the rest of the triathlon world to roll into town .

remember you can find us / blueseventy out of the Coffees of Hawaii Boat Tuesday through Friday mornings, At the expo Wednesday through Friday and at Bike Works in town.

See you soon

blueseventy Kona

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