Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The First blueseventy Tattoo?

We just completed the "BE THE FIRST" 2012 Helix photo contest last week and this week something pretty remarkable came along that might be another "first". Steve White "The Swimming Gardener" from the UK has taken his love for blueseventy to a new level- a tattoo!
Steve told us his mother suggests therapy... but he prefers to only show his friends the tattoo when it isn't safely disguised under his jeans or his Helix wetsuit. Well, the secret is out now! Steve's love for swimming is remarkable. He has raised thousands of dollars (or British pounds) for an array of charities.
We honor you Steve, not only for your tattoo, but foremost for your charitable work that you tie into your passion for open water swimming. Steve's website is found here:

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