Thursday, May 31, 2012

Professional triathlete Caitlin Snow doesn't only use her talents and energy to race triathlons.  You may have see Cait on the cover and featured in last month's LAVA magazine or placing 2nd at Ironman Texas with the fastest marathon/course record time of 2:51:47.  Aside from these accomplishments Cait made a trip up to Rochester NY recently to spend some time with a group called Teens Living With Cancer.  It all started when Cait donated a helmet to a TLC raffle.  Following the raffle a girl named Michaela inspired Cait to reach out to her sponsors and friends to help the TLC group even more.  Having worked with Cait for the last few years and always being impressed with her professionalism, blueseventy quickly jumped on board to help with Cait's visit to the athletes.  Mary Eggers tells the entire story here in her blog:

Thank you Cait for making us a part of this group.  Truly inspiring.

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