Friday, July 27, 2012

blueseventy in london

The 2012 London Olympic Games kick off tomorrow and we're very excited to see our athletes compete on the biggest stage in sport. 

Ross Davenport will be competing in the 200m freestyle
Swimming kicks off Saturday, July 28 and runs through Friday, August 3rd. blueseventy athletes competing in the 2012 Olympics include:
  • Ross Davenport of Great Britain. 200m freestyle and 4x200m freestyle relay
  • Carlos Almeida of Portugal
  • Ines Remersaro of Uruguay
  • Arlene Semeco, Albart Subiruts, Daniele Tiraussi, Cristian Quintero, Octavio Alesi & Alejandro Gomez representing Venezuela
  • Sebastian Jahnsen, Andrea Cedron, Mauricio Fiol representing Peru
  • Nick Schwab & Dorian Mac representing the Dominican Republic
  • Karen Riverios Schulz of Paraguay
  • Carolina Colorado of Colombia
  • Cecilia Biagiolli & Juan Martin Perryra representing Argentina
  • Danielle Beabrun of Santa Lucia

There will many more athletes rocking blueseventy from the host county and European countries but we can't mention them here (blackout!). Also, don't miss one of the most epic events of the Olympic Games - the Swimming Marathon - on Aug. 9th & 10th. Open Water Swimming is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and is an event we follow very closely here at blueseventy

Destined to be one of the highlight events of the 2012 Olympic Games Triathlon will take place in legendary Hyde Park. The swim will be in the Serpentine, the bike will leave the park via Queen Mother's Gate, travelling through Wellington Arch, down Constitution Hill and on to Birdcage Walk in front of Buckingham Palace before returning to the park to complete the event with a four lap run around the Serpentine. 

Gwen Jorgensen chooses the Nero Race goggle.
The women's Triathlon event will be contested on Aug. 4th. We're very excited to have up and coming American Gwen Jorgensen representing blueseventy in London. Gwen only began competing in the sport in 2010 and with a killer run will challenge for a medal. Fellow USA athlete Sara Groff can't be counted out after a stellar 2011 season. New Zealand's Nicky Samuels, Great Britain's uber swimmer Lucy Hall, Aileen Morrison of Ireland, Czech athlete Radka Vodičková and South Africa's Kate Roberts are blueseventy athletes to watch.

Alistair Brownlee
The men's race will be held on Aug. 7th and our team of athletes in London is impressive. Great Britain's Alistair Brownlee, who will be competing along with his brother Jonathan, are among the favorites for a medal.  Bevan Docherty of New Zealand will be chasing a gold medal to complete the silver (Athens) and bronze (Beijing) he has. Be sure to keep an eye on four-time Olympian's Simon Whitfield (Canada) and Hunter Kemper (USA). Other blueseventy athletes looking for a place in history: Kyle Jones of Canada, Ryan Sissons of New Zealand, Richard Varga of Slovakia and Premysl Svarc of the Czech Republic.

This Special Edition Helix wetsuit probably won't see action during the Games but we have other plans for it!

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