Friday, November 2, 2012

Benson reflects on 2012

British triathlete Gordon Benson has just competed in New Zealand at the ITU World Championships where is finished fifth. He caught up with us on his return, looking back at his year on the international triathlon circuit...

“It's that time of the year again, the season’s over and it’s time to reflect on the past year.

I had a relatively poor start to the year, I finished 5th in a European Cup and 14th at European Champs in Eilat. Whilst this isn’t horrendous, being the competitive person I am I had just expected better from myself.

Feeling a little disappointed with my results at these events, I decided to go through some things with my physio and we put my performance at these events down to a sudden growth spurt. Thanks to him and the team, we worked on it and I was able to turn my season round.

I also missed racing in May and June due to my exams, but we have to get our priorities straight and make some sacrifices, right...  After exams, I went on to race here and there around Europe, and I was able to secure a win and a silver in the European Cups and 29th against an elite senior field in Paris, only really missing the Brownlee's.

Most recently last weekend, I was in New Zealand to finish off at the World Champs. I went into it hoping for a medal but said I'd be disappointed if I didn't get top five. In the end I came away with 5th, so I can't complain too much but I'm never happy! Although having a 10th and a 5th at World Championships, we're going in the right direction for my last race as a junior at the home World Championship in London next year.

In the swims this season I've just been getting myself into a high position round the first buoy and, providing I'm on good feet, I'm usually happy to sit on the leaders feet rather than on the front, saving energy but holding a high position.

Marc Austin is very strong in the water, he races in a Helix as well and we normally use each other in the swims, having been out together in Portugal, Israel, Czech Republic on the swims.

This has obviously worked because I've featured well in many swims this season, including second out of the water in the European Champs and two European Cups, as well as third out at the World Championships.”

Congratulations to Gordon for this season, we’ll look forward to seeing you first out of the water soon!

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