Saturday, May 31, 2008

Luke McKenzie close at 70.3 Hawaii

Luke McKenzie started the event with the fastest swim split of the day among pros in his blueseventy pointzero 3 and then had a fantastic race to finish second to 2007 Ironman Hawaii World Champion Chris McCormack.

70.3 Hawaii, May 29, 2008

1. Chris McCormack (AUS) 4:04:22
2. Luke McKenzie (AUS) 4:12:05
3. Tim Marr (USA) 4:15:17
4. Luis De La Torre (USA) 4:19:53
5. Andrew Mackay (NZL) 4:22:13


Anonymous said...

While Luke did indeed have an incredible day, Hawaii swimmer John Flanagan had the fastest swim of the day, a full 1.5 minutes ahead of Luke, Macca & Tim.

blueseventy said...

Fixed it to "fastest among pros"