Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Australian qualifies for Olympics wearing a blueseventy nero

At the 2008 Open Water Swimming World Championships in Seville, Spain an emotional Ky Hurst has qualified to represent Australia at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, wearing the high tech blueseventy nero 10km open water swim skin in the 10km Open Water event.
Amid all the hype around his higher profile team mate Grant Hackett, who finished in 15th position and was subsequently disqualified, Hurst was visibly overwhelmed when he secured his ticket to Beijing on the Australian open water swimming team.
The blueseventy nero 10km suit has been the preferred choice amongst open water swimmers at this years 10km event at the World Championships, with a third of all competitors on the start line wearing the blueseventy suit. The blueseventy nero 10km suit is the only specifically designed open water suit on the market. Hurst was one of many athletes in the field who chose to wear a blueseventy nero 10km suit, having to petition his national federation to be allowed to wear his preferred blueseventy swim skin as it conflicted with the teams existing sponsor. Holland's, Maarten Van Der Weijden in 4th place and Italian Cleri in 6th also wore the blueseventy nero 10km swim skin.

The 2008 Open Water Swimming World Championships continues this week with the menʼs and women's 5km and 25km events taking place on Tuesday and Thursday.

Results 10km Open Water Swim

1. DYATCHIN Vladimir (RUS) 1982 1:53:21.0
2. DAVIES David (GBR) 1985 1:53:21.3 0.3
3. LURZ Thomas (GER) 1973 1:53:27.2
4. VAN DER WEIJDEN Maarten (NED) 1981 1:53:36.3
5. DRATTSEV Evgeny (RUS) 1983 1:53:37.6
5. HURST Ky (AUS) 1981 1:53:37.6

A picture from the start of the 10km

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