Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A nice testimonial

We recently got this very nice testimonial email from Stephen in Columbia, MD.

My name is Stephen and I am a 28 year old amateur triathlete from Columbia, MO. ... I have competed in over 30 events in the last 2.5 years and am often one of the first swimmers out of the water. I have resisted wetsuits and swimskins for a long time, thinking that they wouldn’t benefit my swimming as much as they would for a beginner and fearing the loss of too much time in T1. I broke down and bought a Blue Seventy PointZero 3 this spring and gave it a try in the pool. I really liked how it felt on my body and the way I slid through the water.
At the end of June, I competed in my second half iron triathlon in Effingham, Ill with my PointZero 3. While most athletes there wore wetsuits, I was perfectly comfortable in my swimskin. I swam neck and neck with the elite athletes and was the 5th out of water (7th fastest time overall) and with the ease of removal I left T1 in second place overall! The rest of the event was fun, I held my own on the bike, but still have a long way to go in my running.
I guess all I have left to say is…THANK YOU!!! You guys are awesome. I have several people ask me about the PointZero 3 every time I wear it…it always gets an enthusiastic two thumbs up!



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