Tuesday, July 8, 2008

German Masters Swim Nationals

Monika Zilliken had this to say about her nero....

"The nero has not only landed ... he is more than quick on his way and more than quick "with" me on the way ;-))
During our nationals I was able to amend my current swim times:

50 m free for 1,5 seconds (meant place 9) ,
50 m breast for 2,1 seconds (place 3)
100 m breast for 6 (!!!) seconds (place 6)

A lot of reasons to be happy!

More than one swimmer had been curious about my black suit. Eyes followed me ... and some interesting contacts occured. I'm curious about it!

All the best,

Thank you for your comments and congratulations Monika!

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lottery winners said...

I agree with you about these. Well someday Ill create a blog to compete you! lolz.