Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another update from Porter Heddi

My 2nd 2-mile Swim

This weekend I did my second 2-mile training swim. I’m not sure it was easier than last week’s, but at least I knew what to expect after having done the distance before.

I was a lot less nervous this time, so got off to a nice relaxed start. My breathing felt a bit tight, so I had to force myself to take some long, deep breaths until my lungs expanded and felt normal again. It’s so nice when you get to that point in a swim when you almost forget to breathe, and it feels so effortless.

I did an out-and-back course, and most of the first half was against a slight current. It wasn’t enough to make it really hard, but just enough to make me look forward to the return trip. Of course, it never really feels like the current is with you on the way back, especially when you’re already tired from fighting it on the way out :)

The water temperature felt like it had dropped a bit, so I was getting really cold the last half mile. Since I can’t use my left arm, it gets especially cold, and seems to make the rest of me get cold extra fast too. I wouldn’t be able to swim 2 miles in Lake Washington without my wetsuit. Even in the heat of summer I can only do a half mile without, and I lie on the beach shivering in the hot sun afterwards :)

The last part of my 2-mile swim was feeling sort of meditative--just enjoying my arm movement in the water--but I kept hoping that wasn’t a sign of hypothermia setting in:) No really—I love getting into that meditative space when I swim. It seems to happen the most when there isn’t too much to watch and distract me in the water. That’s why I’m starting to enjoy swimming out deep enough to not see any of the tall millfoil. I used to like watching myself pass the weeds in the water (proof that I was moving forward :), but now it seems like a distraction that keeps me from losing myself in the swim.

Anyway, I finished feeling pretty strong and more confident than the week before. I’m definitely getting ready, and am really looking forward to the St Croix Coral Reef swim in 3 weeks. The warmer water should help a lot with my energy level at the end, and I’m super excited to try out my new pointzero3+ swimskin!



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