Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nero comp swimskin wins medals by the dozen

Last week in Melbourne at the 2008 Australian Open Short Course Championships, blueseventy had many successes in the pool as medal after medal was scored by those wearing the nero comp.

Congratulations to the athletes who chose to wear blueseventy!

Gold medallists: Christian Sprenger (2 Gold), Jade Edmistone, Luane Rowe.
Silver medallists: Amy Smith (2 Gold), Ryan Neopleon (2 Gold), Bridget Rose Taylor (2 Gold), Jayden Hadler.
Bronze medallists: Jade Edmistone, Caitlin Fletcher, Jared Goldthorpe, Bridget Rose Taylor


Flatman said...

You guys are EXPLODING!!!

Jen said...

Nice indeed

Ally said...

yeah we seem to be going's very exciting! Thanks for your support - you are the ones that make it happen for us!