Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nero popularity stems to Brazil!

Gilberto, our distributor from Brazil emailed us the following results from the International Swimming Youth Championships.

The countries who raced against each other were Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Panama and Kuwait.

More than 50% of swimmers who wore the nero swimskin came in first place.
All finals were on TV Live, by SPORTV (like an ESPN in Brazil), for more 15 million watchers! blueseventy had one, two, three, and sometimes even four swimmers in each finals.
The sound is magic in the swimming competitive.
The feedback from the athletes:
“ 3 seconds in 100 meters free!”
“ Uauhhh !! This swimsuit is fantastic, in 400 meters free, I had 10 seconds off !”
“ I make the best time of my life with Blueseventy, in 200 meters free, I swim 7 seconds better.”

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