Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Staff Stache Selection

So now we're starting to see the results of some beautiful (hmmm?) grooming. As we head into the last half of Movember us girls wonder what styles the boys will be pulling out towards the end...
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To make things a little more interesting, we've decided that whoever donates the most amount of money to our team will WIN A FREE HELIX TST! (NB: please add your email address when you donate so we can contact you).

Shawn in Seattle, above, kicks back with The Avia-tache.

Above Roque in San Francisco mixes it up with his fangs (FYI they aren't real!)

Yay Guy gets some growth in New Zealand!

Steve seems to be ruling the roost at the moment, also in NZ, above.

Chris McDonald in Colorado supports the cause - but will he keep his mo for this weekend's race in Arizona?

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