Sunday, January 18, 2009

The 'Hottest Couple in Triathlon'; sponsored by blueseventy

The American National Examiner has dubbed blueseventy's Michael and Amanda Lovato the "hottest couple in triathlon". Below is what Roman Mica wrote about the couple;

"It can be somewhat unusual when professional athletes meet, fall in love, and get married.

The first couple of triathlon has to be Michael and Amanda Lavoto. While both have seen their fair share of success in their chosen profession of triathlon, the two share a distinction that is very unusual and unique in the world of chiseled and ultra fit professional triathlets.

According a story published today in the triathlon web site they met as age group triathletes competing at the World Championship in Montreal, Canada.

"No one knows me better than my husband. I am number one in his life and he is number one in my life, with or without triathlon. And our marriage comes first...ALWAYS," said Amanda Lovato.

On New Year's eve they celebrated their 4th wedding anniversary which Amanda chronicled in her popular blog: "Hear me Roar!"

"The day that ML became my husband, was the day my life changed...for the better. I never thought I would meet someone who I thought could be my perfect match...," Amanda Lovato writes in her Blog.

But the couple also shares another very unique distinction that is very unusual even for professional athletes.

In a recent online poll they were both selected as the Hottest Triathletes of 2008.

With thousands of votes cast Amanda Lovato was just edged off the Hottest Podium, and was voted the 4th Hottest triathlete in the world.

While her husband Michale Lovato took the second place on the Hottest Podium just below the famous bachelor triathlete Andy Baldwin.

Which means that when combined as husband and wife, Amanda and Michael are certainly the hottest couple of triathlon."

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