Thursday, January 29, 2009

Team blueseventy UK are go!


It has been discovered that blueseventy's UK Operations Manager, Sharon Bates, has quietly signed up for the Timex Women's Triathlon to be held in Eton on the 4th of July. Sharon will be competing in the sprint distance of a 400m Swim, a 20km Bike, and a 5km Run and this will be her first triathlon.
Best of luck Sharon, and we will be looking forward to a full race report! :-)


Anonymous said...

Ssssshhhhhhhh Don't tell anyone!
Go Sharon Go!!!! Whoo hoo....
love jac x

Jac said...

SSSsssssshhhhhhh its a secret!
Go Sharon Go!!!! Whoo hooo.... we'll be cheering you on from NZ!!! love Jac

Lynley said...

Go Shazza!!!! Do it for the girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!