Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Update from Ironman NZ from Dave Orlowski

Dave Orlowski is a legend among Ironman - one of the few to do the very first Ironman in 1978. Ironman website has an interview with Dave at the link below, but here's the latest on his time in Taupo...

Well the week has been busy. 3 great swims in the blueseventy Helix slicing through the clear waters of Lake Taupo. I have always had to wear sleeveless wetsuits in events due to a shoulder replacement I had 11 years ago. The Helix has given my shoulder the flexibility in a wetsuit that I couldnot find in others and the ability to do the full Ironmans without shoulder fatigue.

Taupo is a beautiful destination for athletes to compete. The scenery is unmatched and the New Zealand people are wonderful and warm. I took blueseventy with me for filming today while doing Taupo Bungy. This was my answer to pre race massage, chiropractic, and tension release . Quite the thrill for the adventurous athlete at Ironman. ESPN as well as Ironman accompanied me on this journey for the production of the event.

Carbo dinner tonight and Mike Riley will be doing a Q&A regarding the first Ironman in 1978. Should be a great night!

Read more about Dave's experiences here

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