Monday, April 12, 2010

hydra (happy) vision product review

Well this just has to be about the funniest review we have ever read on one of our products... I think I might have to hire this guy to write our product features!

Review by ZenTri in Austin for SXSW
I recently got the Blue Seventy Hydra-Vision goggles and have been swimming with them for a few weeks. I like! The gaskets seal nicely around the eye sockets and the yellow tint makes you either see very clearly or very angrily, depending on your mood.

I noticed immediately that the adjustment widgets on the side are nice and streamlined and work well. When I put them on an hit the Zen-Tri hydro testing facility (neighborhood pool), the sharpness of my vision from the yellowish amber lenses was intense! I could see objects extremely clearly, making them great for sighting buoys and approaching death-fish (anything that moves in open water).

Side-vision for spotting approaching death-fish and/or opponent racers is excellent. Not just adequate, but excellent. Never underrate the utility of peripheral vision in open water. It will help you quickly assess if your time has come or if it's just a stick.

The best part was when I took them off. I immediately realized that it was actually not a sunny happy day, but rather quite dreary and gray outside. On. Off. On. Off. Happy! Meh. Happy! Meh.

The non-adjustable nose makes them only for people of the right face shape, so try before you buy. If your face is wrong, don't blame Blue Seventy. You obviously should have picked better parents

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