Friday, April 16, 2010

Rave Reviews by Jim Vance on the 2010 Helix

Renowned triathlete and coach Jim Vance gives the 2010 Helix two thumbs up! Check it out below:

"I've never really believed that there was much difference in wetsuits. I figured they were all about the same, in terms of comfort, feel, performance, etc. I now realize that is not the case at all.

When I first put it on, and noticed a few key things, like the thinness of the arms, and the patch on the forearm, I was even a little skeptical. It took me a little longer to put the wetsuit on, but once on, I was amazed at how I didn't feel like I had a heavy weight on my body. It was snug, but non-restrictive in the shoulders and arms. It wasn't hindering my breathing. The neck was snug, but comfortable.

I hopped in the water, and it was so comfortable, I didn't bother kicking for awhile, and yet I felt all the flotation advantages. My arms never felt a struggle against the suit, and there was never a bloated feeling of the water inside, neither in the arms or the trunk of the suit. I got out of the water after swimming for 45 minutes, and not even a single chaffing spot. I never even put on any body glide or other lube, and still no chaffing.

Even though the wetsuit took longer to get on, it came off in a snap! After years of swimming in the competition, I'm ashamed to think there was a suit out there which was much better, and I didn't have it. How many front packs that I just missed, could I have held onto?

My amazement didn't stop at the suit either. I tried the goggles, and they fit like a comfy chair at home. Never leaked once! RIGHT OUT OF THE CASE! I couldn't believe it. I thought it was just a lucky one-time thing, so I grabbed the other pair Tony gave me, and SAME THING! NO LEAKS! It took me many seasons to find a pair of goggles which wouldn't leak much. I can't believe how much frustration I allowed myself to deal with for not getting a pair of these goggles sooner. It would have made the thousand miles I've put in, in the pool, not suck!

Bottom line, I'm a believer. I will definitely want to have Blue Seventy more involved in anything I do, from my open-water clinics, to my speaking events on swimming, to my TriJuniors program and my individual athletes."

Thanks for the note Jim! For more information on the new 2010 Helix go to:

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Steven Munatones said...

You are really pumped up about the blueseventy products. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Perhaps there should be a panel discussion on products - swimsuits, wetsuits, goggles and anti-chafing lubrication - at the Global Open Water Swimming Conference in Long Beach on June 5th? You would be a well-informed moderator.