Wednesday, July 7, 2010

blueseventy and teamTBB paint Europe - um - pink?

Since teamTBB set up training camp on the side of a mountain in Leysin, Switzerland, they have been racing across Europe and notching up wins and podiums like it was going out of fashion. Maybe it is the fresh mountain air, or the clean water, or probably and more realistically it is down to a combination of coach barking out his orders and getting the guys to endure the lactic gradients and chilly water for yet another session.

A beautiful part of the world to be, the weather in Leysin has not been pretty over the past few weeks and this has seen the likes of Amy Marsh, James Cunnama and Rebecca Keat to name a few all taken spills off the bike. Cattle grids, rain and bikes do not make a great combination when training it seems, but while a little bruised and sore they came away with no serious damage and nothing that a few days of Deep Heat wouldn’t fix.

Despite the training tumbles when it comes to race day the guys have been clinically delivering some impressive results. The past 5weeks alone have resulted in 5 big wins. Tereza Macel – the T-Mac started the ball rolling with her win in IM Brazil. That momentum was carried across numerous time zones and into Europe where the team has kept on winning with Caroline ‘Xena’ Steffen taking 70.3 Switzerland and in the same weekend Rebekah Keat taking the Challenge Germany title for the 2nd year in a row. The following week she backed it up by winning Challenge France for the 2nd year in a row too! Next up for Bek and the race to watch this month is Roth on July 18th. She broke the world record last year but still had to settle for second behind Chrissie Wellington. With the same line-up this year Roth is sure to be a close one to watch.

A summary of the top results for the team:
IM Lanzarote – Bella 2nd (Read about it here)
IM Brazil – T-Mac 1st, Donna 5th (Read about it here)

Austria 70.3 Erika 2nd nail biting STUFF historical (read about it here
And then we went from strength to strength
June 6th IM 70.3 Swiss – Xena WINS (read about it here
June 6th Challenge Germany – Bek Wins and James 2nd – fastest legs! (read about it here)
June 13th Challenge FRANCE - Bek was on a roll and picked up another WIN (read about it here)
June 20th T-mac grabs a training day 2nd in Dutch open champs – and a nice picture of her in the blue70 wettieJ (read about it here)
June 20th IM 70.3 UK – BELLA strikes and Tamsin in her pro debut follows in second (read about it here)
June 27th Erika grabs another second in IM France AND her slot for Kona (read about it here)
July 4th Caroline Steffen (Xena) delivers an awesome personal best performance in IM Frankfurt; second place and a slot for Kona it is only a matter of time before she climbs on the top step. (read about it here)

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