Sunday, July 4, 2010

we love Pilar

blueseventy recently had the joy of signing Argentinian open water swimming legend Pilar Geijo to the team.  Pilar put in a gutsy performance to gain 2nd place at the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix 2010 (Capri-Napoli) in Italy, just 8 seconds behind Italian Alessandra Romitti.

Pilar dropped us a line after the race:

Hi! I am back in Argentina and wanted to tell you my excellent news!  I had an excellent performance in Italy where I was 2nd behind Italian Alessandra Romitti. The race took 7 hours 27 min 06 sec for me, and Alessandra 7.26.58! 

The race was really hard!!! I had an accident in the middle of the race when the boat of one of the other swimmers crashed into my head, making me lose my contact lens (thanks to God I had on my boat one spare pair of goggles with graduated lenses)!!

I'm very happy not only for the final result, but also to overcome all the obstacles.  Thanks a lot for all your support!! I'm very happy to be in blueseventy team!!

This result has allowed me to retain my No. 1 world ranking.  Anyway the circuit has not finished yet and I will continue to train hard so I can give my best on the next challenges.

Warm Regards!!!

You can read the press release announcing the signing of Pilar here.


alejandro freeland said...

Pilar is a hero in Argentina. We all love her too!! She is an oustanding competitor and a lovely person. Congratulations to Pili, to her team and sponsors.
Alejandro Freeland
Inefables Master swimming team
Jockey Club, Buenos Aires.

Anonymous said...

we all love Pili here in Argentina. she is an outstading swimmer and a lovely person. Congratulation tu Pilar, her trainer and sponsors!
alejandro freeland
Inefables _Master swimming team
Jockey Club, Buenos Aires