Monday, January 17, 2011

Second place costs Doddsy more than just the win

Well you already know our boy Jamie Whyte took out Challenge Wanaka on the weekend, but what you might not know is that the weekend was also host to the Wanaka round of the Contact Tri Series, which included an elite criterium style sprint race around the tight streets of Wanaka at dusk.

To make things a little more interesting, blueseventy’s Tony Dodds, who is a hot contender for London 2012 team, threw out a challenge that he would match the prize money of $2,000 NZD to anyone who could beat him on his home soil.  So with $4,000 on the line it was hardly surprising that some of the world’s best triathletes lined up for the sprint race, including Kris Gemmell and Frenchman Laurent Vidal, currently ranked 7th in the world.

We’ll let Tony tell you how it worked out for him…

The Wanaka race!...well what can I say, I achieved everything (well mostly everything) I wanted to out of this race We got the top triathletes to do it, got the media involved and bought a huuuuge crowd in to watch this race. They were saying there were thousands there so that is awesome!

I must have had 3 or 4 radio interviews leading up to it, then on the day Kris Gemmell and myself had a day out with the media, spinning a few yarns. We went out to a very very rich guys place who actually lives near us and I didn’t even realise! He was hiding in the bush somewhere over looking the Clutha River. We went out there and went clay bird shooting, did some knife throwing (very interesting), and went on the helicopter (the best part). While the TV interviewed us and chatted to us, there was a bit of an entourage around us, which was amazing to be around! The helicopter ride was so cool but we weren't allowed to put any videos up of it because he didn't want everyone to know where he lived, annnnd we were breaking a few rules.

So when that was done and dusted we headed to the race.  It was a very hot night and I just couldn’t get over the crowds that were there!

I got out of the swim first, wasn't too sure if I was going to wear the Axis sleeveless wetsuit or the Helix full suit, but it didn’t matter anyway the blueseventy always comes up first!  Then we got on the bike and we had a good breakaway of 4; myself, Kris Gemmell, Laurent Vidal, and young Aaron Barclay.  We worked quite well together and kept a 34 second lead off the bike.

Off the bike the 1st lap of the run was good and controlled then out of nowhere the Frenchman made his move and BANG he was off, I tried to catch him and even Gemmell commented saying "bloody pansy" or something along those lines as we thought he was gone because he looked very tired and soft on the bike. 

I gave it one more nudge as the crowd was going insane on the final lap, and thought I could catch him, but just wasn't to be. Came 2nd and very proud of it but that's the 3rd time in a row I have came 2nd!!

So now to cough up the money....ha-ha

I know that I am on track and am set for a big season ahead as the Olympic trials come in August!

Thanks everybody for the support out there, everyone has commented on how awesome the crowd was and I'm sure they will come back next year! 

Now it will be on television on TV1 on the 31st January at 3pm, and also sky sport on the 31st January at 7.30pm.

Here is a little clip anyway of what we have got… hope you all enjoy!

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