Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blueseventy athletes dominate Aussie Open Water Champs

This weekend the open water stars of Australia and New Zealand competed in the 2011 Australian Open Water Championships at the Sydney International Regatta Centre in Penrith. Not only national titles were up for grabs, but also spots at the 10k event at the World Championships to be held in Shanghai in July. Strong performances at Shanghai also hold the promise of Olympic selection, making this event even more important.

Kane & Cara after winning NZ Corsair Classic.
Pic: Mark Tantrum Photography
Blueseventy athletes dominated the open categories, with Ky Hurst taking home Gold (by just 1sec!) in the mens 10k, and it was a clean sweep for blueseventy in the women's 10k with Melissa Gorman, Cara Baker and Danielle DeFrancesco taking 1st - 3rd respectively.  All qualified for the 10k World Championships.  Trusty NeroTX does it again!

Kane Radford took gold in the 5k which unfortunately wasn't enough for a berth at Shanghai, having finished 7th in the 10k.  Not content with their 10k medals, Danielle DeFrancesco took home silver in the 5k - missing  the gold by just 3secs, with Cara Baker grabbing the bronze.  Well that was worth getting out of bed for!

Men’s 10km
1. Ky Hurst (QLD) 1:55.04
2. Rhys Mainstone (QLD) 1:55.05
3. Trent Grimsey (QLD) 1:55.10

Women’s 10km
1. Melissa Gorman (QLD) 1:59.03
2. Cara Baker (New Zealand) 2:03.55
3. Danielle DeFrancesco (QLD) 2:04.02

Men’s 5km
1 Kane Radford (New Zealand) – 56:30
2 Codie Grimsey (QLD) - 56:32
3 Trent Grimsey (QLD) - 56:43

Women’s 5km
1 Bonnie MacDonald (QLD) – 59.18
2 Danielle DeFrancesco (QLD) – 59.21
3 Cara Baker (News Zealand) – 1:00.49

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