Friday, April 29, 2011

Busy people at Total Fittness bath report

Big thanks to Sarah from TFB, Plus our athletes for keeping us udated, Mark , Nick, and Chris cheers guys.

Calne Aquathlon, UK

Chris was looking forward to an easy race today at the Calne Aquathlon, but unfortunately he let it slip to Doug and myself.  We both popped in our last minute entries and rocked up for a team show down!!!!

Ok, so we didn't quite get the 1, 2, 3 we were hoping for, but we weren't far off.  I won with a new course record, Doug won best hair/beard combo, and Chris won fastest man wearing blueseventy hat.

Nick Beer ( The Travel Machine ) Racing in South America 

After a 19 hour flight, a stop off in Sau Paulo, I finally arrived in Santiago. With my bike bag that thankfully made it safely and in one piece, I caught a taxi to my apartment in Las Condes (the exclusive area of Santiago). My apartment was on the 17th floor and the view was outstanding. Looking to my left I could see all of Santiago and to my right, the snow cover Andes - a perfect where to relax before the first race.

The race started and about 60 athletes sprinted into the sea. A choppy and rough swim played into my hands and I came out the water as one of leading guys (5th) and was on the lead pack. The tough, hilly course caused no problems for me and I felt great. Riding up the climb with confidence and with ease; I was a different athlete. The descent cost me dearly, but practising my bike skills will solve this issue and I will be a much more competent cyclist very quickly. On to the run for the first time, in a long time - I felt great! Pushing all the way to the line and overtaking numerous amounts of athletes on my 10 km destruction path; I ended the race feeing incredibly confident and with the fastest run with a time of 32.06min, which included a 15 sec penalty. The 450m hill each lapped only aided my run and I knew, after the week I have had since my first race, I was back and now is the time that things will start happening.

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