Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Swimmers Shine at IBSA World Championships

North Shore’s  and blueseventy athlete Daniel Holt, ( featured above )Daniel Sharp (Hamilton) and Mary Fisher (Wellington) were outstanding performers in the pool as they scooped up three gold, five silver and three bronze medals in the IBSA World Championships which finished 10 April.
Sharp improved his own world record in the Men’s SB13 50m Breaststroke 30.87 secs, improving the record he set back in 2008 by 0.5 secs. Second placed Russian Mikhail Zimin was also under the world record. Sharp also won the Men’s 100m Breaststroke; silver in the Men’s 200m Breaststroke (2:36.80) and Men’s 50m Freestyle (25.21secs); and bronze in the Men’s 100m Freestyle (56.55 secs).
Holt’s performance in the 200m event was particularly exciting, with Holt coming from behind to win. He swam in third place behind two Russians for the majority of the race. Holt closed the gap at the final turn and increased his pace – at 25 metres to go Holt broke into the lead, finishing with a personal best of 2:02:43. This time smashed his existing New Zealand record by a full six seconds and set a new Oceanic record – he was just 0.22 secs outside the world record. His father Phil Holt (printdigital.co.nz) said that he was “…surprised and delighted, particularly since this wasn’t his specialty event.” Holt’s also won two silver medals – in men’s 400m freestyle (4:23.55) and the men’s 200m individual medley (2:31.59).
Completing the 11 medal haul was Mary Fisher of Wellington with silver in the 200 m freestyle and two bronze medals (100m Fly and 50m Backstroke). Fisher posted a string of personal bests, a credit to her new coach and venue.
Full details are a bit sketchy as communications have been poor – no doubt we’ll get the full picture when the team arrives back in New Zealand on Wednesday 13 March.

Full results:

Medals / times
Daniel Holt (SB13) Gold Men’s 200m Freestyle (2:02.43)
Daniel Holt (SB13) Silver Men’s 400m Freestyle (4:23.55)
Daniel Holt (SB13) Silver Men’s 200m Medley (2:31.59)
Daniel Sharp (SB13) Gold Men’s 50m Breaststroke (30.87secs)
Daniel Sharp (SB13) Gold Men’s 100m Breaststroke (1:08.41secs)
Daniel Sharp (SB13) Silver Men’s 200m Breaststroke (2:36.80)
Daniel Sharp (SB13) Silver Men’s 50m Freestyle (25.21secs)
Daniel Sharp (SB13) Bronze Men’s 100m Freestyle (56.55 secs)
Mary Fisher (SB12) Silver Women’s 200m Freestyle (2:39.48)
Mary Fisher (SB12) Bronze Women’s 100m Fly (1:20.54)
Mary Fisher (SB12) Bronze Women’s 50m Backstroke (38.46 secs)
Other places / times
Daniel Holt (SB13) 6th Men’s 100m Freestyle (58.47 secs)
Mary Fisher (SB12) 4th Women’s 400m Freestyle (5:31.33)
Mary Fisher (SB12) 5th Women’s 200m Medley (2:57.46)
Mary Fisher (SB12) 5th Women’s 50m Freestyle (32.52)
Mary Fisher (SB12) 4th Women’s 50m Fly (34.55)
Mary Fisher (SB12) 4th Women’s 100m Backstroke (1:23.01)
Mary Fisher (SB12) 7th Women’s 100m Freestyle (1:13.22)

Big shout out to all our swimmers competing at the IBSA World Champs , we're proud of you all. 

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