Monday, May 30, 2011

IM Brazil

blueseventys Eduardo Sturla took the win at the Ironman Brazil . This is the 4th Time Sturla has won here and he continues to show his dominance in South America despite some tough competition
In the Womans race it was Amy Marsh who took the win with a impressive performance . 

Sturla had to close a gap to the VERY quick swimming Luiz Francisco de Paiva Ferreira who lead the Pro men out of the water in a time of 43:34 . Sturla and came out with the lead group in just under 50mins , Still a very quick swim. But they had to get to work and close the 6 min gap Luiz had opened up. 

Onto the bike and While early Luiz remained in front for some 90k. It was at the end of lap one when Sturla made his move riding away from his competition including 3 times Brasil IM Champion Oscar Galindez

Off the bike and Sturla had opened up a gap of 5 mins on Guilherme Manocchio who was only competing in his 2nd ever IM. 
This gap came down to 20secs at the 37K mark . But Sturla's experience and endurance was too much for the younger Manocchio and managed to pull away again  claming his fourth IM Brasil title in the process!!

In the womans race it was Lucie Zelenkova had a superb swim in her blueseventy helix to swim with the lead mens pack . This put her a good two mins in front of the other power siwmmers such as Hillary Biscay. 
Once onto the bike it was Marsh however that came storming though to take the lead and it was Zelenkova who was trying to stay in touch. 

Onto the run and Marsh further improved on her fast ride by stretching the lead out to 7mins on Zelenkova. Like Sturla , Marsh took her 4th title here in Brasil . Zelenkova pulled out a very strong performance to take 2nd and Ariane Gomes Monticeli da Silveira came in 3rd. The top three woman were separated by just under 10 min.

Ironman Brazil Florianopolis

Pro men

1. Eduardo Sturla (ARG) 8:15:03
2. Guilherme Valenza Manocchio (BRA) 8:17:20
3. Ezequiel Morales (ARG) 8:21:40
4. Santiago Alves Ascenço (BRA) 8:26:16
5. Chris McDonald (AUS) 8:26:24

Pro women

1. Amy Marsh (USA) 9:09:39
2. Lucie Zelenkova (CZE) 9:16:14
3. Ariane Gomes Monticeli da Silveira (BRA) 9:19:15
4. Hillary Biscay (USA) 9:35:05
5. Fernanda Keller (BRA) 9:49:54

Big Shout out to Amanda Balding . Our girl is back racing and we're stoked to have her back out on the IM circuit.

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