Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our lovely ladies at b70 are getting locked up for MDA

Yep , you heard right two of our amazing staff are going to get locked up!!!
Bout time... i hear you say!!

Ok i joke!!! kind of !!

Summer and Colleen are raising money for MDA " Muscular Dystrophy Association" and as such will be held in lock down for an afternoon or as long as it takes to raise the money for there bail.

Relax.................... we're not actually throwing them in maximum security prison despite my best efforts..
They'll be at the space needle in Seattle on 6/2/11

If you know of any-one with MDA you'll know having Muscular Dystrophy is like being in jail; It is a neuromuscular disease, and as the disease progresses you become a brain trapped inside a body that won't listen to what you're trying to tell it.

Summer and Colleen are doing what they can to help raise awareness for MDA sufferers .
If you can donate , it's a more than worthy cause. Just click on the link below and it'll take you to Summer and Colleens donation page...
Lets not leave these lovely ladies in lock up for too long....

Our online donation site : https://www.joinmda.org/MyLockup/MyHomepage/tabid/217188/Participant/summer/Default.aspx

Or if you want to find out a little more drop summer an email...

The team at blueseventy

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