Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SOFLO Swim Team on record breaking streak

We're rather fond of breaking things like records, so we were pretty happy to hear that five young members of the SOFLO swim team had broken not just one but four 11yr-12yr boys US national relay records in the last month, and all in their blueseventy NeroTX and Nero Race goggles.

4 new national records. 'nuff said.

Tristan Celestin, Juan Lucas, Alfredo Mesa, Julian Pinon, and Cristian Rossi all did their part to help take down the following records:

                4 X 50 Freestyle Relay

                4 X 50 Medley Relay

                4 X 100 Freestyle Relay

                4 X 100 Medley Relay

Way to go guys, we love it when people are swimming faster and having fun!!!

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