Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nice Nero review on GoSwim

The blueseventy nero was recently reviewed on goswim.tv and the tester Glenn Mills seemed to be quite smitten with the suit.

We especially liked the closing paragraph:

"Even the Blueseventy won't swim for me. However, the 5 times I've used it in a race have been far more successful than I ever would have imagined going into the meet. There's a new world of swimming rising. We'll all witness it this summer in China, only this time, we ALL have the opportunity to take part. We can all swim a little faster than we thought we should, and it's a lot of fun. Of course, the more we use them, the more training we'll have to do to go faster. Ultimately, this cycle will level out, and we'll be back to the usual grind of learning and training for improvement. Until then... you can pry my BLUESEVENTY from my cold, shriveled, pruned fingers... of course, if you can get to the zipper. Lil' help, please?"

For the complete article click here.

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