Monday, June 9, 2008

Pieter Van Den Hoogenband test

Our blueseventy pointzero & nero swim skins have seen quite a bit of open water time and have really proven themselves over and over so far. Many though wondered how well these super fast swim skins would do in the pool and chlorine. To answer this question we recently got a few decently well known swimmers like Pieter Van Den Hoogenband to test them out and wow what a success it was.

Peter Van Hoogenband in the new blueseventy nero comp at the Dutch National Championships.

Oh, for the record he swam 1.45.9 for 200m, his fastest time in six years. :-)


Fabricio said...

1:45:9 is lightning fast indeed. Wow

Mike Carter said...

Pieter is a stud indeed, I guess with that suit he is now a super stud.

Frances said...

Now if you guys only had the budget of Speedo to pay off all these athletes. :-)