Saturday, March 21, 2009

Brian Stover's helix wetsuit review

Brian Stover wanted to find the fastest wetsuit for himself to last the next few triathlon seasons. He borrowed a whole pile of suits from to trial - one of them was the blueseventy helix.
To ensure unbiased results as possible and make the test as fair as possible, he did two rounds of testing for each suit. Each day's testing consisted of 2×400 on the 6:00. Then he changed suits, swam 200 to make sure the suit was on properly and swam another set of 2×400 on 6:00. Two suits got tested per day. He did not know which suits in round one were being tested until that morning. During the second round he swam the suits in the reverse order of the first round to hopefully eliminate fitness gains.

He wrote about his review of the helix:
"Four swim times were 4:25, 4:27, 4:24, 4:28. Average time 4:26.
This suit stands in stark contrast to the Xterra. That suit [helix] feels like you’ve been shot from cannon. This suit swims fast but feels slow. I kept checking the clock every 50 and thinking no way is this suit this fast..."

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