Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dealing with it; the incredible story of Dave McGuire

Dave McGuire has an amazing story about not letting ANYTHING get in the way of a high aspiration - especially things like doing an ironman. Dave shared his incredible journey with us and sent us a picture of himslef in his brand new blueseventy reaction wetsuit. Best of luck Dave, from the team at blueseventy.

One day I passed out at work. I was working as a collections officer for a really big bank. I collected personal products, overdrafts, mortgages, credit cards and student loans. When I passed out at work, I was sent home.
Before I could return to work I had to get clearance from my employer's insurance company. I had to see their doctor's, specialists etc. This took about two months. While waiting to go back to work, I went onto a disability income from our insurance company. This sounds great but the issue with this is that there is a two month delay from short term disability (that is fast and it's when you need a week or two off work) to long term disability (when you unable to return to work within a couple of weeks). So my employer no longer paid me my salary, the insurance company did.
So here I was going two months with no paycheck. I had prescriptions to pay for, x-rays, MRI's etc. All of this I get reimbursed for, but I have to pay for it upfront. During this time I have rent to pay, groceries, Internet, cell phone, and home phone bills. Not to mention being with my new love.
All I wanted was to go back to work. One day while at home I was watching Judge Judy!! I do remember this, and my TV decided to stop working. The screen crackled and sparked and then went dead. This was the straw that broke the camels back.
I phoned my now wife, then fiance, and was very whiny. "I can't work, I have no money, I can't afford my prescriptions and now my TV explodes" Mandy (then girlfriend now wife) is a very calm individual. She suggests that I calm down and go have a bath. This is the last thing I remember.

If you would like to read more on what happened to Dave and his amazing journey, he also keeps a blog of his own; 

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