Friday, November 6, 2009

blueseventy goes back to school.

During a recent New York City visit to launch the new Carbon goggle and wetsuit line, I was asked to attend an early morning class at the "Business of Sport School" ironically the subject was how Excel is used in the sports industry to set pricing and estimate profits etc. MMMMM, I do find excel a challenge Along with Excel I ran the group through the story of blueseventy in swimming and the massive effects on our business the FINA rulings have had, and the impact for the swimming industry in the short and long term.
But what an experience, the 8th graders were a delight. They asked questions that quite frankly amazed me, their business understanding was incredible. I must say to be body searched, bags scanned for security etc, left me wondering what i was in for, but this was one of the greatest times I have ever had in the sporting business after 21 years.
A big thank you for the invitation from the school, and I hope for such an early start they found me stimulating enough. GREAT FUN, Thanks BUSINESS OF SPORTS SCHOOL. Diane Shoemaker and Principle Joshua Solomon, i hope you will invite me back.

Some pictures above would have me dancing to "Saturday night fever" as opposed to teaching.

Dean Jackson (Deano)

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