Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dibens and Raelert dominate in Clearwater

With the women hitting the water at 6:45 and the men at 6:53 .we saw a lead group of 5 women exit from the water in close quarters, (see video below of swim exit)
Soon after wards blueseventy Julie Dibens hit the front on the bike and never looked back . Julie took the bike course record on her way to a new course record and worlds best with a time of 3:59:33. (First women to ever break the 4 hour barrier in a 70.3.)
Julie adds another world title to the 2009 year, Xterra Worlds and now 70.3 world championship title. (congratulations Julie)

In the mens race it wasn't so one sided, blueseventys own Marko Albert lead from the water (see video below)
Then a group formed on the bike and it came down to a running race with most of contenders heading out onto the run course together
There were some casualties on the run course and the front athletes switched places through the race, All except Michael Raelert who took to the front early on and ran a blistering 1:09 to take the fastest run of the day and a new course record with a 3:34, blueseventys Daniel Fontana took 2nd place and Matt Reed rounded out the top 3.

Congratulations to every-one who competed into today race.

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