Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The lights go down on Stirling tri club.

Not that the club with perhaps the best facillities in Scotland has ceased operations, far from it. Whilst presenting the new 2010 line of suits to the 200 strong club we unfortunalty had a power cut (Deano stood in front of his suits in the pitch black)

Great, all set up and ready to go, but nothing could be seen. I must thank all the members in attendance when the lights went down, they still had more questions and thoughts, even when unable to view the product. Thanks all for making me so welcome and showing me around the stunning facillities and making the most of the power problem.

How great to have a club willing to teach your children swimming while you undertake a fully coached swim session! I know, amazing. How cool to have a facillity where the oak locker rooms and carpeted floors sit beneath a restaurant serving the best Fish and Chips i have ever tasted (Trust me, i have tasted a few) This is not a review of Stirling tri club, but I must congratulate them on creating an atmosphere never before wintessed. Congratulations to you all, you deserve the very best surroundings, and you have them.

We demo'd suits,Talked about balanced buoyancy, tested goggles and had a great time doing it. Thank you all.
Pictured above is club member "Gordon Crawford" Looking very much like our CEO, must be the side-burns.

Dean (Deano) Jackson

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