Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the blueseventy descent

No we are not going down hill... in fact, far from it. The descent is our brand spanking new freediving wetsuit. Yep you heard right. Freediving.

Crazy as most of you might think they are, we love this group of explorers diving to incredible depths in some of the most amazing locations in the world. And when freediving legend Kerian Hibbs stopped by the office for a coffee and a catchup, it got us thinking... and designing.

We sent Kerian the first samples for him to try out in Greece at a World Cup event, and here is the feedback:

I just got back from my first dive in the Descent... OH MY GOD!!! You guys have done it again! Apparently I surfaced after a very easy 70m dive with the biggest grin on my face anyone has seen. That suit is AMAZING!!! People here are now going OFF over it.

To put it into laymans terms and some perspective, I was using (until today) the early prototype suits that you had made for me. In order to dive I would need 2Kgs of weight and yesterday was freezing my ass off after about 3-4mins in the 22 Deg water here. The dive time for my 60m dive yesterday was 1min 20 seconds (Remember 2kgs of weight to help me sink - it's important). Today, in the Descent - 70m deep, NO NECKWEIGHT, 1min 34 seconds AND practically DRY ... therefore did not get cold at all.

The compression in the legs is AWESOME, the neck seal is AWESOME, the extra stretch in the chest is AWESOME - seriously I could wear the word Awesome out just describing this suit. I already have 5 pre-orders just from the people on the boat with me today! This thing is going to go OFF.

So, now I have to relax, try and chill some of this excitement off and allow people to try them out for themselves.

You guys are legendary!!!!

Cheers, Kerian

...Oh stop it Kerian - you're making us blush!

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