Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Michael Adams leads out of the swim at Windsor

Michael Adams of GBR recently joined the blueseventy team, and dropped us a note after showing off his new Helix in style by leading out of the water by nearly half a minute ahead of Richard Stannard.


Had a great race today. Stannard was there in his new 2XU Project X, we've only raced a few times before and I wanted to really work hard in the water. Got a cracking start, straight into the lead. From there I just got my head down and got into my rhythm.

At the turn buoy (900m) I had a look around and it looked like Stannard was in 2nd place around 35m behind. By the swim exit it was more than 50m, at the T1 timing mats (after a 200m run) it was a 25 second gap.

Ran through transition in first (my suit pulled down so you could see the blueseventy logos on my trisuit :) ) and out onto the bike first. Took the chasing group of Stannard, Jenkins, Noble and Halksworth 1km of the bike to catch up.

Bike was solid, stayed at/near the front and once the group got bigger it slowed down a bit so I broke away for a stint at around 35km. Jenkins rode the group back to me after about 90secs but I tried off the front again. Was nice to feel good enough to push the pace off the front.

Was pretty tired through the run but just kept moving, had worked super hard swim/bike.

Great day, can't wait to see the TV footage. Hopefully got some good airtime for you guys.

All the best,


ps. some pictures for you :)

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Anonymous said...

Michael, totally ACE!