Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Three weeks until Ironman Germany!

Our top Age Grouper, Lucy Gossage from Nottingham, UK, has been very busy with her final preparations for Ironman Germany in Frankfurt. The big goal is Hawaii qualification and things are well on track at the moment. We caught up with her ahead of the big race....

"So 3 weeks to go until Ironman Germany and I'm starting to get nervous. Most of the long training is in the bank now and there's not too much left to do but ease down gradually, eat well, sleep well and keep my fingers crossed for some good luck!

I've had a good last month's training including a middle distance triathlon in the New Forest, the 3 day Tour of Wessex (you can see from the photo that the weather was terrible!), a 3.8km swim race and a 100 mile time trial. I know I can't do anything to get fitter between now and D-day. So it's time to catch up on work, admin and sleep and chill out a bit before Frankfurt! As my friends say time to be normal for 3 weeks...

I rode 4hours 19minutes for the 100mile time trial. I’ll get nowhere near that on race day but I was pleased with it, especially after a massive training block. The course was very fast and luckily the last 25 miles was downhill with a tail wind so it went very quickly!

I’ll let you know how I get on in Frankfurt on 4 July!"

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Del Pitcher said...

Great to see you on the blog Troy, am sure you will rip it up in Germany. Rest up, stay healthy and enjoy the taper! Del