Monday, September 13, 2010

Gina Crawford sets new course record at IM Wisconsin

blueseventy athlete Gina Crawford pulled out a stunning victory at IM Wisconsin on the weekend, setting new course records along the way.

Gina dropped us an email today with her race report:

Hi blueseventy,
I am happy that I won Ironman Wisconsin in the weekend, setting a new course record by about 10 minutes, which was actually my own course record set back in 2007.

I wore the new Helix suit which I love with the flexible arms. The second half of the swim was crazy as we had to pass what seemed like thousands of age groupers and then we had to get over the other side of them to swim to the exit while they turned around another buoy to do another lap.

I lost the pack amongst the mess but after a quick transition (a very long run up a car park ramp to get to the transition) I was in the lead and stayed there all day. I broke the bike course record and came off the bike with a 13 minute lead and then hung in there on the run.

So I am super happy to be back in shape and in form again after a long winter where I got pretty unfit. I then had spent August in Australia and I felt like I was in good shape for this race.

I now will travel to Hawaii tomorrow and I hope to see you there soon. I caught up with Guy in the weekend and he was telling me all about the new swim suits. Can't wait to try them out!



Gina posted a bike time of 5.12.50 which put her in a great position to set a new course record of 9.27.26, nearly 10mins quicker than her previous course record she set in 2007. “I felt great coming out of the swim... My race plan is always when I feel good I just push it as hard as I can and I was really happy with my bike. Then I got to the run and finished with a pain in my side with 10 miles to go so I was really happy.”

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