Saturday, August 13, 2011

Olympic selection race

Well it was an all Brownlee affair at the London ITU World Series race. 

The race that would see athletes get there first chance to qualify for there respective countries Olympic teams.
The location : , London, 
The task : , Qualify for your countries Olympic team.
The Goal:  For most athletes it was to make the top ten and be the first or second of your countrymen/woman in order to Qualify. 

For Great Britain , you had to finish in the top 3 overall...Not an easy task unless your last name is Brownlee!!

Blueseventys Alistiar Brownlee took the win over  Alexander Brukhankov (RUS)  and younger brother Jonathan Brownlee 

Alistair was off the front on the bike , which is highly unusual for the main pack to let the fastest runner in the field get away. 
I guess with Olympic spots on the line , the goal of winning the race becomes second to the goal of coming top 10 and securing your spot. 

Words from Alistair
“It was great, I couldn’t have asked for more,” Brownlee said. “I think it stayed at 10 or 15 seconds for a couple of laps and then it just went 30, 45, 60, I couldn’t quite believe it to be honest. I knew that we were in danger of being attacked on the bike and I think to be honest me being away served its purpose better than anything.”

Well done Al... Great race
Well done to all the qualifying athletes from all nations. 

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