Sunday, May 31, 2009

1 June Update FINA approval process

We remain in the same situation as before and are not on the list. We continue to believe this is an oversight since we can now confirm that our suits passed all the tests that EPFL put them through. We will be in further contact with FINA and will have an update on the situation at 1pm PST weds.


Austin said...

It would be great to get a letter posted from USA Swimming like the one from USMS. At this weeks meet, we were being told by officials that this was the last meet it could be worn this season. My daughter loves your suit and does not care for the feel or fit of the LZR. Keep up the good work!!!

Michelle Cox said...

What do you make of USA Swimming's recent ruling?

Michelle said...

This is nuts - why can't FINA just be more specific to what is needed to make suits legal and how is it that the Blue seventy Nero is not on the list but ROcket skin2 is...are they not the same suit (almost)????

Steve Nicholls said...

Hi there,

Thanks for the comments, USA swimming have essentially said that they will follow FINA, but we are still pursuing a resolution from FINA on the matter.

re: The details of the approval and how to make suits legal, well you said it.

Stefan said...

Hello from Germay,

I don't understand the FINA. The nero is not on the list, but the rocket 2skin, the sailfish and many more. All suits are the same.... I say nothing or all...

Paul said...

Here is what is posted on the American Swim Coach Association Page. Sounds like they don't expect to approve anymore swimsuits.

By John Leonard

Here are the facts:

FINA has published its initial list of “approved suits” based on the Phase One Criteria. The list can be found on FINA’s website. These are suits approved for use in Rome and this summer.
On or about June 19, FINA will publish a list of any supplemental suits that will be allowed for this summer. (this list would come from suits rejected in round one, and given a chance to come back with a re-engineered suit.) Indications are that not many if any suits will be on this list.
FINA will check all suits for exact compliance for use in Rome. Any suits used for records outside of Rome will also be checked.
In later summer, FINA will publish the rules that will be in place for Jan. 1, 2010. Indications are that this list of rules for suits will include a clause that eliminates all non-permeable materials from all suits. No rubber, no plastic, nothing by fabric. This will place us “back in time” around 2007. Future suits will have a “chip” imbedded at creation to prove compliance to the rules that can be checked in the ready room with a hand held device. (like your I phone.)
In late summer, but before Sept. 1, 2009, we expect the NCAA Rules committee to indicate the rules for the use of suits in NCAA competition for the 09-10 season including all qualifying and championship competition. Likely that they will follow the FINA lead.
During 2010, debate will take place on further rules. Recommendations from coaches world-wide are very zippers, no outside fasteners. (climb into your suit) and for me, Knees to Navel coverage only and for women, hips to shoulder straps only. Limiting coverage limits the ability to “engineer” suits.
Those are facts at this time.

All the Best, John Leonard

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